Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Owl and Sewing Cat Dress Making

Just over 18 months ago Papa Owl bought me a sewing machine, it was one of the best presents that I have ever received as the potential was enormous.  However, I had never used a sewing machine before and simply didn't know where to start.  

I then came across a shop in Eastbourne called the Owl and Sewing Cat and signed up for one of their workshops and made a cushion.  It was great, they took the time to explain how to use the machine, and helped me pick out fabrics and patterns for future products.
A whole year passed and I had a selection of cushions but still hadn't been brave enough to tackle any clothes for Little Owl.  Christmas had brought with it a gift voucher for the Owl and Sewing Cat and so I booked myself on to a whole day dress making course.

My first challenge was to choose a pattern and the fabric.
I chose the dress the girl on the right hand side is wearing and then selected this fantastic owl cord.  Cord is one of my favourite materials to dress Little Owl in, as its soft but durable.  I must confess at this point, that I did this course back in March so it was still winter! 
Next I had the scary task of cutting the fabric.  Luckily Tracey who was running the course was keeping a watchful eye on me, as well as the other ladies who were dress making.
The neck was the most complicated bit of the dress, and something I definitely couldn't have managed on my own.  Even now, looking at the photos, I'm not entirely sure what I did but in order to keep the shape of the neck, I had to add a stiffer fabric to the back of the neck.

Finally it was time to sew!  I am always surprised when I start on a new project, just how much work is involved before I can actually start sewing!  The trickiest part of this dress was the sleeves as its such a little dress!  

It was quite an intense day, while I enjoy sewing I also find it very stressful!  I quite often realise that I have been holding my breath while concentrating!  But it was worth it to have a finished dress at the end of the day!
Isn't it cute?!!!

Little Owl loves it, although she wasn't as compliant a model as she is now!

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  1. Oh it's a gorgeous dress, I love cord on little ones. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. love it! beautiful xx

  3. Aww! That is gorgeous! Well done you x


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