Thursday, 12 June 2014

Owlfit of the week

We're going back in time with this week's Owlfit!  I stumbled across this photo taken last October and I couldn't resist sharing it.  At the time it was my favourite Owlfit and looking at it now, I'm a little sad that she had grown out of those trousers!

Starting at the top, the t-shirt is H&M which was handed down to us along with the cardigan which I love and am pleased to say still fits her!  The trousers were another of my TK Max bargains.  I can't remember the brand now, and they have long since gone in the loft, although there's a bit of me thinking they might fit Little Owl now she is out of nappies...

Last but not least, Little Owl's gorgeous Livie and Luca shoes.  These brown suede shoes with their blue peacock were brilliant through the autumn and into the winter, complimenting all of her Owlfits.

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The Little Life of Ickle Pickle


  1. Lovely autumny colours for last October! Thank you for linking up to #bootd x

  2. Love the trousers. I always prefer brightly coloured trousers. Sadly, Potato's wardrobe is full or blue and black jeans instead of funky chinos :( Livie and Luca shoes are the best. Most of our are from her :)


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