Friday, 20 June 2014

Little Owl 2nd Birthday Quiz

I spotted the birthday quiz on Dancing with Dirty Feet and thought it was great.  The idea being that each year on their birthday, you ask your children the same set of questions, while your children grow and change, the questions remain the same.

As Little Owl is, well, little, I have helped her out with some of the questions.

How old are you? 2
What is your favourite colour?  Mummy: no idea!
What is your favourite animal? Bubby Cats!
What is your favourite book? One Mole Digging a Hole
What is your favourites t.v. show? Mummy: anything on CBeebies really.  Favourites include Raa Raa, Granny Murray, Pingu and of course Mr Tumble!
What is your favourite movie? Mummy: we tried a movie once, she didn't have the staying power.  I think it was Nemo, I'll leave it a few months and try again.
What is your favourite song? Anything with actions that Mummy and Daddy join in on!
What is your favourite food? Peas!  Mummy: meat, fruit and most veg are popular too!
What is your favourite drink? Milk!
What is your favourite breakfast food? Hagelslag Mummy: we do try to encourage this to be on toast.  Little Owl has also made up her own sign for hagelslag too which is very similar to the sign for sand.
What is your favourite snack?  Biscuits!
What is your favourite outfit? Mummy: Little Owl has many lovely outfits but her Frugi skirt is perhaps one of my favourites.
What is your favourite game? Anything that makes people laugh
Who is your best friend?  Woo Mummy: Little Owl loves her cousin Woowoo who is 4.
What is your favourite thing to do? Mummy: sing, play with people, forward rolls
What is your favourite thing to do outside? Mummy: go on the slide
What was your favourite holiday? Mummy: Has to be India right?
What do you take to bed with you at night? Milk.  Sometimes a toy, maybe Kitty or Zed bunny.
Where is your favourite place to go? Grandma and Grandmadad's house
What is your favourite restaurant? Mummy: Eat@ThePark, Eat@TheStade and the De La Warr are places we frequent during the day.  Eatos, and all you can eat Chinese is good for the evenings as Little Owl can pick at what she wants.
Where would you like to go on holidays?  Mummy: I have a VERY long list, but I don't think Little Owl minds as long as she is with Daddy and I
What clubs or activities do you go to? Swimming! Mummy: Little Owl swims every Monday morning and I get to sit on the side.  We've just stopped baby signing because, well, Little Owl isn't a baby any more and has a pretty good grasp of words.  We're on the look out for Toddler groups.
What makes you happy? Attention
What makes you sad? Not getting attention
What do you want to be when you grow up? Mummy: I still haven't figured this one out!
What did you do on your birthday? Mummy:The day before Little Owl's birthday, she had a day out at the model railway with her Grandparents and cousin.  Her actual birthday was quite a gentle one spent with her Grandparents again as I was at work.  The day after her birthday was a Saturday so Papa Owl and I took her to the zoo.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this.  Next year Little Owl will be able to answer most of this herself I guess which is a strange feeling!


  1. Aww what a nice blog entry! I should do this to my son too cuz its so much fun =) #binkylinky

  2. This is a great idea :) Although I've never heard of her favourite breakfast!1 I hope she enjoyed her birthday celebrations, bet the zoo was a big hit! #binkylinky

  3. I love this so much that I'd already started writing Potato's one :) That last photo is adorable!
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky


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