Saturday, 15 February 2014

Date Night

 They don't happen often

Actually, in the 21 months that Little Owl has been with us, we've had two date nights.

Just two.

We've planned others, but illness has always meant they have been cancelled.

In the end we gave up!

But today we have another planned.
Date Night #3

 Although planned isn't exactly true...

Little Owl is spending the night at her Grandparents!  
The whole night!
It'll be the first time that I have spent a night away from her.

Meanwhile Papa Owl and I are going out to dinner!
Although we haven't booked anywhere yet.

I'm looking forward to it, especially us both being able to have a drink with the knowledge that we can sleep it off in the morning!
But having dropped Little Owl off with her Grandparents
and kissed her goodnight
I had a little tear in my eye
And felt the need for gin.

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