Tuesday, 4 February 2014

With rings on my fingers...

This is where my wedding and engagement rings have been since late on in my pregnancy with Little Owl.

Round my neck.

Living in the hope that I would magically shrink back to my pre-pregnancy weight!


Well that wasn't going to happen now was it?!!

With my trip to India looming on the horizon, I knew I didn't want to travel alone with a child without my rings on my finger.  Whenever I have travelled with a man in India my rings (or lack of them) have been noted.

So finally I had to acknowledge the truth and get them resized.

We decided we would ask the lovely people at HK Jewellery to resize them. Its a bit of a journey to Hertfordshire for us but as the rings were designed and made by HK, we didn't really want to hand them over to anyone else.
Photo by Steve Shipman

Since our last visit to the studios, it has had a bit of a make-over.  There's now a coffee shop with the most delicious cake!  Even better was a basket of toys in the corner to keep Little Owl entertained... not that she needed it, she very quickly became chief biscuit tester for the coffee shop!

The staff at HK were lovely as usual and while we were waiting to be seen I could hear a couple discussing their engagement ring with the designers.  It really was quite magical designing my own ring, discussing ideas, deciding on which metal to use,  looking at different stones, selecting the perfect one... then getting into the fine detail, the setting of the stone, the angle it sits at, the thickness of the band, planning ahead to how that would look with a wedding band and eternity ring...

As you can tell, I loved every minute of it and being back in the studios was bringing back happy memories of planning our wedding.  This visit was nowhere near as exciting, although Papa Owl did buy me a pair of pearl earrings to add to my small *cough* collection of Purple Label jewellery!

There was one other thing... my wedding rings weren't the only rings that needed adjusting.  One of my bridesmaids gave me a pair of Indian toe rings as a wedding gift.  They fitted but were just a little tight in the winter under socks and shoes so I cheekily asked if they could expand them too, and they did - while I waited!

So now I have rings on my fingers and on my toes!
Photo by Steve Shipman


  1. Beautiful rings. I love that they are a matched pair that nestle together xx

    1. Thank you! Hope to have an eternity ring to join them one day!

  2. Are those your rings in the photo? They look nice! Though it seems like you had a lot of rings and accessories that need resizing back then. I hope everything turned out well for that, and they still fit you right after the pregnancy. Have a nice day!

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert


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