Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Little Owl's Wardrobe

I just wanted to share with you Little Owl's new wardrobe!

When I say new, I also mean only wardrobe she's ever had!
Its not very exciting is it?

Kids rooms should be exciting

because being a grown up lasts an awful long time.

So I popped to B&Q and bought some of their funky paint.
Aren't the colours great?!

But it gets better...
The deep blue and magenta colours are blackboard paint

So when Little Owl is a wee bit older

(and can understand the difference between her wardrobe and the walls)

She'll be able to draw and write on it.

In theory, the Neon blue is meant to glow in the dark

But we haven't seen this yet.

And it took about half a dozen coats and still doesn't look great.
 But the finished wardrobe looks fab!

Just as a kids room should!


  1. That is brilliant! Those are lovely colours. I love the idea of blackboard paint but I've never tried it, it's definitely something that I need to investigate!

    1. The blackboard paint was really thick and easy to paint with! Got some left so will save it for another project!

  2. Looks fab. Bright bold and colourful, just like a kid's room should be. Love the idea of blackboard paint too xx

  3. That is amazing and I love this idea. I would put this in my room too! Who needs to grow up anyway?!


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