Sunday, 23 February 2014

MAD Blog Awards - My Top Picks

The MAD Blog Awards are an annual awards for all blogs written by Mums and Dads.  I had only just started blogging last year when all the excitement was going on but now I can be part of it! 

There are lots of different categories that you can nominate blogs for including Best New Blog (hint hint hint!!!).

While I was deciding who I would nominate and for what, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite blogs!

In alphabetical order....

Dancing with dirty feet
This blog is funky! They have the best reviews of the best products and the photographs and graphics used to promote the posts are always bright and colourful. There are so many reviews that I read and say "I want that!" and even if its not a review I have been known to ask where Birdie got her clothes from!  This is my go to blog to find new and exciting products!
This is one of the first blogs that I began to read regularly, it is written with such love and care, with a great deal of openness and yet a professional touch.  Jennie started the blog as a way of recording the early days with her twins who were born prematurely but has grown as her family grew with the birth of Matilda Mae.  Very sadly Matilda Mae died just over a year ago aged just 9 month and Jennie's blog has since become a place for her to build a legacy for her daughter.  
The energy in the blog is fantastic.  Kate is always out and about and up to different things with her three children.  Its been fun to watch baby Max grow up and see how he is beginning to join in with the older kids, talking of which - Gemma likes maths and goes to Brownies - now how cool is that?!! Kate also reviews EVERYTHING so if there is something you are wondering about getting be sure to pop over and see what she thinks!

Patch of Puddles
This is a blog that I don't read often enough but every time I end up there by chance, I just want to read more and more.  Its been around for a long time (over 10 years) and so there is a lot of 'back story' to read through.  The author Merry blogs about life and home educating her children (of which there are many).  I love the 'about us' page where Merry introduces each of her chicks - its like reading a children's novel and this is a family that I just want to be part of!
I love this blog, there's something so gentle about the way Bex writes and the love for her two young boys shines through.  I have been known to have a little tear while reading, particularly when she writes letters direct to her sons.  Bex is one of the few bloggers that I have met in real life. In fact I met the whole family at The Baby Show last October where she was getting very excited over a pair of gloves!
This is a new blog that started last October.  I enjoy reading about the adventures of Toby and remembering when Little Owl was that small - it feels like a long time ago!  Sarah (Toby's mum) has become a friend on Twitter and a bit of a support for me in this world of blogging!
This blog was started at about the same time as mine by an old friend of mine.  I love its gentle approach and practical nature.  I'm sure as Little Owl grows up this will be a go to blog for ideas and inspiration.
I hope you enjoy reading some of these blogs and don't forget the nominations are open until 14th March - make sure you get your vote in!

MAD Blog Awards


  1. Thanks for mentioning me, and good luck in best new blog! I love your tales of little owl and travelling with her especially! x

    1. Thanks - I don't have high hopes but this is the only year I can be in the new blog category so I've got to at least give it a try!

  2. Really appreciate you posting about the awards, best of luck!
    MADs Editor


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