Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award

Just before Christmas, the lovely Sarah over at Toby Goes Bananas nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. My blog is mainly about parenting and family life, but I do try to include bits of craft, cooking and house renovation! But here is your chance to find out a bit more about me...

The rules to the Versatile Blogger award are as follows…
1)  in your post, be sure to thank the blogger that nominated you
2)  write seven facts about yourself and nominate seven other bloggers
3)  you must use the versatile blogger award image on your post

So here we go!

I can ride a unicycle.  Well at least I could, as a teenager.  Not very well mind you, I can't free mount and pretty much only go in straight lines but I used to cycle the 3 miles from my parents house to the town centre along the promenade.  The night club I used to frequent was quite happy to stash it behind the front desk and I was never short of a young man to walk me home at the end of the night if it meant they could have a go!

I once caught a train (well several trains) to Hong Kong. I always imagined that one day I would do a big round the world trip, but somehow that never happened and I found myself all grown up with a fiancé and a job.  The prospect of taking a year off to go travelling was just not feasible and so I made it my mission to see how far I could get in a summer holiday - overland!  We took four weeks to get to Hong Kong which included a few days in Moscow, a week in Mongolia, five days in Beijing, and a detour to see the Terracotta Warriors!  We stayed with friends for a few days in Hong Kong before flying back to the UK to start the new school year!

I'm a Girl Guide!  I've been a member of Girlguiding since I joined Brownies a when I was 8.  I moved on to Guides which I absolutely loved and stayed until I was 15 when I moved to the dark side and became a Venture Scout! By 17 I was back in Girlguiding as a young leader with the Guide unit I had loved.  I stayed there as a leader until I opened my own Ranger Guide Unit for girls aged 14-25.  I still run this unit over 10 years later!

I have a degree in Geology and it was once my ambition to work on the gold mines in Western Australia. Before I could get there I found myself in India where I met a South African Guide leader who pointed out to me that rocks don't talk back and I was a people person, and I needed people.  She had a point!

I have built a house! Well part of a house... As part of the centenary celebrations of Girlguiding, London and South East Region encouraged for all the Rainbows Brownies and Guides to raised funds for a project called Houses For Hope.  Then over the summer of 2010, 100 Senior Section members set off to South Africa to build a house for a family in Kwa Zulu Natal . 
I have a strong irrational fear of spiders and dead things.  So dead spiders are pretty much a total melt down.  Not so good with flying things either.  Actually this might not be that much a surprise to you if you read my post about having Dinner Alfresco.

I once bought a car off of ebay!  It was a 1981 Austin FX4, or in other words - a London Black Taxi!!!  I loved Birtha, she had been tweaked a bit so that the back seat folded down to a double bed, perfect for taking camping!  Other interesting features included a button on the floor to turn on the full beam which was great although sometimes when I pressed the button, all the lights went out!
So that's my seven - what are yours?  I'm nominating 

Many thanks to Sarah at Toby Goes Bananas for nominating me - I hope you have enjoyed reading!


  1. Wow what an interesting life you've lived!

  2. Yay! You did it in the end ;-)
    These are all really interesting facts about you - I can't believe you owned a Black Cab, that's so cool!

  3. Wow! They are really cool and interesting facts about you. My life seems so boring in comparison! #binkylinky

  4. I commented earlier in the week, above! 😊Thanks for linking up #BinkyLinky

  5. I love this! You've accomplished rather a lot! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky


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