Wednesday, 5 February 2014

It could be YOU!

I clicked onto my emails briefly before I left India to get my flight details and check in online.

In amongst all the junk, I spotted two emails from the national lottery.

 The first telling me I had won, the second telling me that the money had been paid into my account.

It does not appear to be spam.

It looks real.

But I have no time to check! Logging on to the National Lottery website has always proved difficult, trying to remember all my details as I only log on when I receive these emails - and believe me - that is not often!

Besides, I have a flight to check in for, a toddler to wrestle, and bags to pack.

I leave it, half forgotten.

But as I sat at the airport, waiting to board, wondering when I will be here again, I can't help thinking... What if?

What if it was a big win? I've only ever won £10 before but I think the minimum prize is now £25.

Could I have won £20k? Would I spend it in the same way as I thought last summer? I can't help but think there would be a flight to Pune booked if I had...

Could it be millions? Would it be? Do they just pay it into your account like a £10 winning? If not, what is the cut off? How much would they pay into your account before consulting you?

I think if I had a large amount suddenly appear in my account, my bank might just have phoned me to suggest what I could do with it! They are like that! Maybe they have spotted that I am India but I think that's unlikely.

 But what if? What if I have won the jackpot?

I'm sure houses and cars and holidays would be purchased but as I sat in the airport, I thought that I could return to Pune in business class for the 50th birthday of Sangam and bring a friend to help me too!

I arrive home and its all forgotten about, it took me a few days to remember. I had to request my login details, and then change my password, eventually I'm logged in and...

oh well


  1. My fella sometimes gets those emails when he's a winner and I make him open them straight away even if he's busy just in case it's a big win!!

    1. I like to savour the moment, live in the dream a little...

  2. I suppose it's better than nothing though ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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