Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dinner Alfresco

Tonight Little Owl and I had dinner sat on our doorstep.  It was great fun - Little Owl waved at every car and person who passed saying "bubbye"!  We shared a bowl and fed each other - well, I tried to feed Little Owl with my fork and she accepted everything as she couldn't see what I was offering in the half light but if she didn't like the taste she took it out of her mouth and put in mine - as I said, we shared food and had fun right?
So what led us to be sat on our doorstep at dusk in October?  A scary flying thing!!!  It entered the kitchen and refused to leave!  Now I know I'm meant to be a brave outdoor type but my feelings about the great outdoors is that it should stay outdoors and NOT be in my kitchen.
I turned out all the lights shut the kitchen door, opened the back door into the utility room and switch on that light in the hope it would follow it.  It didn't.  I left it as long as I could but dinner needed cooking.  In the dark.  Scary flying thing was on the window.
Have you ever tried cooking in the dark in your own kitchen?  You should!
Dinner cooked and scary flying thing was still at the window.
I had a choice - dinner in the living room with sticky fingers all over the carpet and furniture or dinner on the doorstep - which would you choose?


  1. Loved it off to read more, these would make a great book later on!!

    1. thanks! Papa Owl was not impressed at me!


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