Sunday, 27 October 2013

Little Owl @ 18 months

Wow. 18 months just seems so grown up!  Can't believe we are here - it feels like such a big milestone!
Two more gives us a nice even 12, four top and bottom and 4 molars too!
Since Little Owl received her 25 signs certificate, I have been a bit lazy on counting them.  However, a quick count up puts us at 38 so maybe we will make it to the 50 sign certificate after all!  New signs this month are fruit, love (when I say it to her, waiting for Little Owl to say it spontaneously to me!), clean handsagain, biscuit, drink (finally), pig, sheep, sorry (does she understand this - I don't know but if I say "say sorry", Little Owl will sign it to which I praise her and then we move on) and of course firework!
What's new?
Little Owl has started to sit on a normal chair instead of her highchair if we're just having a snack, especially if Papa Owl isn't around as we only have two chairs!  Strangely, she hasn't figured out that she can get off of a chair by herself yet which is quite handy but will be useful when we go to India as we won't be taking a highchair. 
Meanwhile Little Owl is walking further and further.  She loves to explore and I need to start planning more walking trips into our week but perhaps not this week... weather doesn't look so good!
Little Owl is really trying to speak at the moment.  The words aren't there yet but the intonation and sentences certainly are, just waiting to understand her!  Its like you can see the next big change but its just out of reach. 


  1. Awww love babies at that age. My Alice is 2 now and is just exploring everything. Rosie is 8 months and is fast following her - precious times x :)


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