Sunday, 6 October 2013

Eastbourne Bonfire

Bonfire Season is finally here!!!  Ok so it started a while ago but Eastbourne Bonfire is the earliest one I have ever done.  A friend reminded me that at Eastbourne two years ago I was just telling people that I was pregnant.  Last year was Little Owl's first bonfire and so it seems right that Eastbourne is also the first bonfire this year too.

All striped and snuggled up
Little Owl had had a busy day at her cousin's birthday party and so was asleep when we arrived, she woke just before we found all the bonfire boyes and was a little overwhelmed at first.  However, she loves to watch all the people and the flames.

What's going on?
It was a new route this year, quite a bit longer but with the added bonus of a pub stop in the middle where Little Owl enjoyed watching the Morris sides dance.  By the time we got to the fire site, Little Owl was wide awake and loved every second of the fireworks!

Eastbourne is one of the newer societies in Sussex having only reformed in 2001.  I can remember a couple of years ago, no one in Eastbourne appeared to know it was happening, guests and staff in the seafront hotels were staring out of their windows in amazement, confusion and possibly a little bit of fear at the costumes and flames.  This year was definitely their best procession, bonfire and fireworks to date with a large crowd turning out!

Well done Eastbourne for a great night - we're looking forward to the rest of the 2013 Bonfire Season!

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