Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Water baby

Little Owl loves swimming! I started taking her when she was just 4 months old to weekly classes at the local swimming pool.  We took a break over last winter as between us, one of us always seemed to be ill but started up again in the spring and I'm so glad we did!

Little Owl just loves being in the water, she can barely wait until the end of the song before she throws herself off of the side into the pool, and is impatient when waiting for her turn to be pushed under the water by the teacher!

Little Owl started wearing a float belt a couple of months ago and has been growing more confident in its ability to keep her afloat and consequently less needy of my arms.  This morning I went hands free! It  was amazing! Ok - so it was more treading water then swimming but its a huge leap forward!
Little Owl is now happy to be in the water without me holding her and I get the feeling progress is going to be quick over the next few weeks - Little Owl is great at kicking but at the moment if she kicks, she goes onto her front and then rolls over.  Once she realises she can use her hands to stabilise herself, those kicking legs are going to take her far!
I was worried that as the weather turns cold, my motivation to take Little Owl swimming would fade, but I'm so excited by her progress that I can't wait to go again!

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