Friday, 4 October 2013

Knitting Fridays

Leg warmers
 So here are the legwarmers nearly finished!  I have tried a couple of different things with these.  First I knitted both at the same time which I think I prefer.  There is nothing like completing something and then having to start all over again with exactly the same thing!  The second thing was to not break the wool off at the end of each stripe.  This is going to save me loads of effort when it comes to sewing them up as I won't have too many loose ends to deal with.  It did mean I was juggling 6 balls of wool with the help of Bonnie Cat!

Loose ends
 I haven't dealt with the loose ends on the jumper yet... I'm thinking I might cheat here... I figure as I have already sewn up the jumper I could just tie a reef knot in each pair of loose ends, then chop off the remaining wool.  Little Owl will be wearing this jumper tomorrow night (as well as the leg warmers),  so this sounds like an ace idea to me!
With the jumper complete and the leg warmers to be finished tonight, my needles will soon be empty.  Knitting has rather taken over my life for the last couple of weeks meaning I haven't had as much time to blog, hopefully I can slow down for a bit now.  I am trying to source the wool for a great jumper for Little Owl but I'm not sure how long that will take. 
I bought this pattern yesterday to make some funky hats... only trouble is, I've never crocheted before but how hard can it be?!! 


  1. crochet is really easy, I find it much easier and quicker than knitting :)

    1. I need to learn don't I? Not sure whether to buy one of those magazines that come with the wool and hook and follow their instructions or to find some time without Little Owl and visit the wool shop and ask for a quick lesson...

  2. I can knit but still learning how to crotchet after 6mths, problem is I want to run before I can walk and not prepared to do simple squares and not happy with the complicated squares also had american pattern from kindle then a UK pattern and they talk different language!!!


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