Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The joys of cats!

This is a house of cats, we have 3 of them and I've been thinking its about time I introduced them to you all.  But before I do that, I have been reflecting on how our cats prepared us for the joys of parenthood!
  • Commitment. You can leave them at home alone for a bit but gone are the days of disappearing for a weekend without a moments notice.
  • They eat and shit. Both of these need attention.
  • They shit in the wrong places. I even tried to toilet train them but they were not impressed. However, one of them pees in the plug hole in the bathroom sink - he has a good aim, it could be worse.
  • They eat their food too quickly and are sick.
  • The prefer snacks to proper food
  • Sleepless nights - they wake you if they need you - sometimes they need food, sometimes they need the toilet, other times they just want to share their love.  You have to figure out which.
  • Sometimes they just want a cuddle and will follow you around crying, tripping you up and generally being a nuisance until you pick them up.  Slings can help with this if for example you need to cook dinner.
  • Other times they don't want a cuddle even if you do.
  • Privacy is lost, if they want love they want it there and then, no matter you are doing - even on the loo.
  • They can take up all of the bed, just one of them but when all 3 are there...
  • Teething... No sleepless nights but they chewed lots of things! I still have teeth marks on the end of my glasses.
  • They break things, they don't mean to but they can be a little clumsy.
  • They like to press buttons on the laptop.
  • They leave toys around the house for you to step on in the dark, they also bring home presents (but luckily Little Owl hasn't done this yet)
  • They fall out with their siblings.
  • They get jealous.         
  • They sulk if you go away.
  • They worry you when they go out alone.
But we love them and wouldn't be without them!

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