Sunday, 27 October 2013

Slugs and spiders

You know its going to be one of those days when you spy the rear
end of a slug as it disappears into your dishwasher.

Next it was the turn of the washing machine.
It was overloaded and all the rubber round the door disintegrated
and was mixed up with the 'clean' washing.

Redo all washing, this time in two loads.
I can smell cat shit.
Walk around the house sniffing.
Suspect Bonnie as the other two are asleep.
Find crap in bathroom sink.
Deal with shit.
Time to swap over washing.
First load still covered in rubber.
Shake the worst off.

Am barefoot.

Freeze to spot.

I want to run.
Leave all the washing.
Shut the door and forget about it.
Papa Owl is away for the week.
I need to sort this.
Don't move my feet.
Perhaps if I keep my legs still the spider won't see me?
Don't take my eyes off of the spider.
Continue swapping washing.

Clyde Cat pushes the door open!

Push him back.

Shut the door.


Shit - hurt the cat.
Don't take eyes off of spider.
 Pour in conditioner.
Shit - its in all three trays!

Job done, sort of.

Back in house to apologise to cat.

Clyde not talking to me.

Now to tackle dishwasher, let's hope I don't find that slug!

I'm OK, empty it fine.
Start to load and I hear a noise.
A sort of rustling.
Slugs can't rustle CAN THEY?!!!

I hear it again.
 I lift my feet off the floor, am about to cry when...
I realise I have shut Clyde cat in cupboard.

Papa Owl is away until Friday
this is only the first day.
Will I make it through the week?
The wind is picking up.
the storm is coming!
 Bring it on St Jude
show me what you are made of!!!


  1. I feel your pain; we get slugs around our dishwasher and washing machine too. Disgusting things! Hope your week gets better - I'm sure it will. :-)

    1. Thanks - it did get better, until this evening that is, then Little Owl turned into the Puke Monster!!!

  2. uhh I found a slug on my hairbrush the other day (I had left it in the utility room) ahh!

  3. I also suffer slugs in the kitchen! The most recent evidence of which is on my ceiling! Grotty little creatures!

    1. Ceiling?!!! Now I have to look up as well as down. great.

  4. Eww! Slugs are just plain nasty!!

  5. arghhh what a day. It never rains it pours! Hoping you got all your (literally) crappy luck and the next few days are a breeze as a result : )

    1. All was good until All Hallows Eve... then the Puke Monster appeared!

  6. Oh my! I've chuckled but if that happened to me then I'd have to have a stiff Bailey's before anything else!

    Nipping over from blogsRus share thread.


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